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June 20
14:24 2024

Hanoi, Vietnam – SUNHOUSE water purifier is a solution providing a pure, safe water source for families, especially as the demand for clean water increases due to people’s growing concern for health and a healthy lifestyle. Utilizing advanced RO UltraPURE filtration technology combined with the addition of just enough beneficial minerals, this water purifier delivers bacteria-free, mineral-rich water, suitable for direct consumption and daily cooking.

RO UltraPURE Water Filtration Technology and Health Benefits

RO UltraPURE SUNHOUSE water filtration technology uses an ultrafiltration membrane with a filter slit size of only 0.0001 microns, filtering out 99.99% of impurities, bacteria, and even insoluble solids. Thanks to that, RO UltraPURE provides pure, safe water for direct drinking.

The RO filtration process not only eliminates harmful substances but also depletes natural beneficial minerals. To overcome this drawback, RO UltraPURE SUNHOUSE water purifier is equipped with an additional functional mineral core, which replenishes essential natural minerals into the water after filtration.

With the ability to completely remove harmful impurities while supplementing natural minerals, RO UltraPURE SUNHOUSE water purifier provides a water source that is both pure and rich in nutrients, greatly beneficial for health and suitable for direct consumption or daily cooking.

Key Features of the RO UltraPURE SUNHOUSE Water Purifier

  • 3-stage filtration system (coarse, RO filtration, mineral supplementation): RO SUNHOUSE water purifier features a 3-stage filtration system including coarse filtration, RO filtration, and mineral supplementation, thoroughly removing all harmful impurities and then supplementing beneficial minerals for health.
  • Mineral supplementation for post-filtration water: To ensure that the water after filtration remains rich in essential minerals for the body, the system is integrated with a functional mineral core to supplement natural minerals.
  • Smart automatic features: UltraPURE SUNHOUSE water purifier is equipped with modern intelligent features such as automatic shutdown when water is insufficient/full tank, automatic drainage, self-cleaning RO membrane to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Various SUNHOUSE Water Purifier Models

At SUNHOUSE, customers will have exclusive access to a wide array of premium-quality water purifier models:

  • Traditional RO water purifier: A machine that uses RO filtration technology combined with coarse filtration and mineral cores, installed in elegant steel or glass casings.
  • Hydrogen water purifier: Similar to conventional RO machines but with an additional hydrogen core, providing water rich in hydrogen for anti-aging benefits, beneficial for health.
  • Alkaline ion water purifier: Premium machines capable of producing alkaline ion water rich in hydrogen to prevent aging, detoxify, and prevent cancer.
  • Hot and cold water purifier: Combines the functions of an RO machine with convenient cold/hot water dispensing.
  • Shell-less water purifier: Compact design, integrated below the surface to save space.

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